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We serve Latino guys of all ages,

anyone living with HIV, and anyone who identifies as transgender, 

 and we also have free testing for everyone in the community. 

All of our services are free

While grants cover the bulk of Latinos Salud’s costs, each year we depend upon donors to help us close the gap when our services exceed the reach or scope of our grants. Please consider making a donation of any size, and consider including Latinos Salud in your will and estate planning.

Your donation makes a difference in our mission. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit (tax ID # 26-2763535), so your donation is tax deductible. Please mail a check to our Wilton Manors location or use your credit or debit card by clicking the red button above for our secure donation form on this page.

Thank You to Our 2019 Donors

Platinum Supporter

$50,000 and up

Gold Supporter

$25,000 to $49,999

Silver Supporter

$10,000 to $24,999

Bronze Supporter

$5,000 to $9,999

Community Angel

$2,500 to $4,999

Community Partner

$1,200 to $2,499

  • Scott Bennet
  • John Byrne
  • Stephen Fallon, PhD
  • Winn Ogden & Mariano Kanamori
  • Rafaele Narvaez

Community Advocate

$600 – $1,199

  • Johnathan Medina
  • Joshua Caraballo, PsyD
  • Stephen Glassman
  • Lawrence & Lynda Hollander
  • Florida Atlantic University Residency Program
  • Saul Diaz, RN
  • Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Mental Health
  • Debra Diaz
  • Jose Valencia
  • Scott Brown
  • Joe Pallant

Community Ally

$100 – $599

  • Comprehensive Research Projects
  • Donald Keith
  • Robert Ramos
  • Antonio Dumas
  • Larry Feldman
  • Jose Ramos
  • Chris Taylor
  • Carlos Martinez
  • Rheinchard Reyes
  • Kevin Seifried
  • David Mattioli
  • Yasniel Cabrera
  • John Milam
  • Knights of Colombus
  • Richard Ortiz
  • James Rogers
  • Jeremy Mason
  • Ambassador Peter Burleigh
  • Mabel Orby
  • Equality Florida
  • Richard McNally
  • Eileen Cole
  • Steven Auerbacher
  • Juan Oves, Jr. MPH
  • Manny Mojica
  • Iris Ensenat
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Sergio and Diana Ramos
  • Alma Maldonado
  • Kristen Cole
  • RJ Hadley
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Ron Falk
  • Dean Trantalis, Esq.
  • Robert Gallagher
  • Jose Caceres

Thank You to Our 2018 Donors


AIDS Healthcare Foundation


The Kenneth S. Hollander Foundation




The Campbell Foundation Funding AIDS Research

Community Angel:

South Florida Gay News

Dorith Hollander


Gene Kimbrew

Dr. Moti Ramgopal

Carlos Campoy

Mark’s List!

Midway Specialty Care Center


Community Partner:

Stephen Fallon, PhD

The Serendipity Foundation

Tom Jones

Avita Pharmacy

Community Advocate:

Alan Behmoiras

Pallant Insurance Agency

Rafaele Narvaez

Juan Oves, MPH

David Richardson

Gary Sambol Charitable Fund

Community Ally: 

Steven Auerbacher

Bill Barton

Scott Bennett

John Byrne

Joe Casciotta

Jonathan Cohen

Jimmy Cunningham

Jerson Velasquez

Jerry Chasen & Mark Kirby

Colgate Darden

David del Rio

Michael Ekman

Andrew Fischman

Larry Feldman, MD

Stephen Glassman

Lawrence and Lynda Hollander Fund

Michael Lehrman

Dr. Mariano Kanamori and Winfield Ogden

Hotspots Media Group

Thomas Murphy & Chip Green

Evans Nelson

Chuck Nicholls

Larry Olevitch

Thank You to Our 2017 Donors


AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Gilead Sciences


The Kenneth S. Hollander Foundation


Dorith Hollander

Community Angel:

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS

The Campbell Foundation

Community Partner:

Pedro de Armas, CPA

Lawrence and Lynda Hollander

Dunham Insurance

Stephen Fallon, PhD

Gene Kimbrew

Nova SE University Gay & Lesbian Medical Association

Will Portalatin

Gary Sambol Charitable Fund

Murry Stegelmann

Community Advocate:

John Byrne

Joshua Caraballo, PsyD

Stephen Glassman

Tom Jones

Community Ally: 

Steven Auerbacher, Esq.               

Rafaelé Narváez

Juan Oves, MPH

Damian Pardo

Robert Passarell

Gabriel Peralta

Devon Price

Hytham Rashid

Paul Rehak

TJ Rivetti

Carlos Rico

Joel Rosenthal

Guillermo Salazar, MD

Bob Spagnola

Paul Stanovich

Sheila Stark

Murry Stegelmann

Wes Szymonik

Dean Trantalis, Esq.

Jaime Trujillo

Jerson Velasquez

Bill Venuti

Michael Werzer

Steven Wood

Wolf Bar

Rumors Bar & Grill

William Beaver

Albert Bocklet

Ambassador A. Peter Burleigh

Don Tsang

Jose Valencia

Paul Communikatz Shumway

Michael de Santis

Barry Ekle

Wilton Manors Entertainment Group

Richard Grybos

Felipe Herrera

Noe Inestroza

Michael Kasten

Andy Keller

William Linehan

John McKay

Brian McNaught and Ray Struble

Bert Mittler

Daniel Montoya

Mitchell Morris

Ed Carlson

Frank Caliguri

Greg Scott Chambers

Luis Comulada

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You will be re-directed to make your donation through our Florida AIDS Walk team page.

Each year, during the Walk, we have a special opportunity to make your donation go further.

Donations made through this link before April 30th, 2020,

will come back to Latinos Salud doubled!

Click to Continue 

Your tax receipts will come from AHF (the Walk’s hosts)

But your donation will come to Latinos Salud matched.